A Professional Rant

I’ve gone easy on Apple lately, I even own a MacBook Air (though it is running Windows) but I watched the latest Apple Keynote yesterday and whilst I was actually impressed with the new touch panel display above the keyboard, the new MacBook Pro’s are some of the worst products ever released by any company.

For one, despite the word “Pro” in it’s very name, only the two most expensive versions (the cheaper of the two being £2,349) feature a dedicated graphics card. All the rest have integrated Intel graphics, just 8GB RAM and a dual core processor.

That is not the specification of a professional grade computer product. That is consumer grade spec. These are not machines with the performance required by a professional to work with graphics or CPU intensive programs.

Secondly, and perhaps the most ridiculous, is the lack of any USB Type A ports at all. Not a single one. Apple have decided to only provide it’s users with the admittedly better but yet to be widely adopted USB Type C ports. This means that without buying an extra adapter, you can’t plug a regular thumb drive, hard drive or almost any of the peripherals that you may have already directly into any of the new MacBook lineup. This includes Apple’s own damn phones and tablets!

If you buy a new MacBook Pro and a new iPhone today, you cannot connect the two together without paying for an additional adapter!

This is from the company that prides themselves on their ecosystem and flawless compatibility between their products!

To make things crazier, some of the only devices on the market right now that are using the newer Type C connectors are Android and Windows phones and tablets which means they’re actually more compatible with the MacBook than Apples own mobile devices!

There isn’t even an SD Card slot. So you go take some pictures or shoot some video with your camera, then you want to go edit your work on your “professional” computer but you can’t because there’s nowhere to plug the USB cable in, nor can you take out the SD Card and plug that in either!

What if you’re a DJ and need to connect your mixers, turntables or sample pads into your shiney new laptop? Better buy a whole bunch of those adapters that cost £20 each from an Apple store!

To put the ludicrous price into perspective, the new Microsoft Surface Book which was announced just one day earlier is £550 cheaper for a model that has a dedicated GPU and also features a full removable touch screen, a Surface Pen, two full size USB ports, a DisplayPort and a full size SD Card reader.

What an absolute f*****g shambles Apple. An absolute f*****g shambles.

MacBook Pro With Touch Bar
Microsoft Surface Book

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