My Day To Day Tech

As this is mainly a technology blog, I thought I would create a page to show what gadgets I carry around with me day to day. I will keep this updated as it changes.

My Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


I have a full review of this incredible phone available here.

My Watch: LG G Watch Urbane

This is my sixth smart watch (with my first being the Sony Ericsson Live View way back in 2010) and most definitely my favourite. It’s fast, has a great screen and best of all, its round. There’s nothing really wrong with square smart watch on a technical level but fromb274501-4 a design point of view, a square watch stands out immediately as a smart watch. A round smart watch looks more like just a watch, giving it the ability to blend in naturally rather than being a glaringly obvious piece of wearable technology. Running Android Wear OS (6.0.1) it connects to my phone and shows me my notifications allowing me to read and reply to them without having to get the phone out of my pocket or bag. This is particularly useful in places where I can’t use my phone such as a work meeting, riding my bike or walking through a dodgy neighbourhood. Android Wear also has a huge library of apps and watch faces available to download making its versatility and personalisation almost endless. I have only had this watch for a couple of months but so far I have had no issues and highly recommend it to anyone interested in this line of products.

My Laptop: MacBook Air 2013

This is my first Apple computer I have ever owned (though I have built two hackintosh machines in the past) and the only Apple device I have owned since the iPhone 4. I chose this laptop to replace my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 for two simple reasons, price and portability. I was able to get it through work with a large discount thus negating my main issue with Apple products which is their outrageous cost. I loved my Surface but a 10″ macbook_air_13-inch_mid-2013_1063198screen was just too small to use Photoshop or Sony Vegas on the go. I needed something with a reasonable size screen but was still very lightweight and slim. Whilst there are a number of Windows Ultrabooks on the market, most of them that had a reasonable spec were either more expensive due to the discount I could get on the Air or far less durable being largely plastic against the MacBooks aluminium unibody. Since Macs can be easily bootcamped to run Windows, I decided to give it a shot. I’ve since been surprisingly pleased, its performs very well, the model I have features a dual core Intel i5, 4GB RAM and a 256GB SSD and battery life is superb. As to whether I would buy another MacBook remains to be seen, but looking at recent models, Apple seem to have ruined any chance of that by taking away vital functionality such as full size USB ports, SD Card readers and MagSafe charging cables.

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